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Katy Texas is growing strong. It´s growing at such a rapid pace it´s difficult to keep up with. You can´t just go to one source and get all the information you want about what´s happening in and around Katy. That´s why we created RadioKaty.com…. Katy´s Multimedia Network. RadioKaty.com is taking a unique approach to link you to everything Katy. You can get local news and so much more…. but what really makes us unique, is that YOU are a source of information. Join RadioKaty.com on Facebook or Twitter and you can share information about what´s going on in and around Katy, TX. You can post about topics that interest you and your family. You can post events you want to share with others. You can post pictures and videos. You can even network with friends and family. RadioKaty.com is also a source for local music. If you have a band and want to share original music with others, RadioKaty.com can help. Whether you´re an individual or a business, RadioKaty.com is a great place to share all that you have to share with local residents, friends and family. All we ask is that you keep it family friendly and focused on Katy, Texas and the surrounding area. Click on the RadioKaty.com player and check out our stream. Contact us at RadioKaty@aol.com and tell us what you want to hear and see.

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